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Local Fun on a Saturday March 10, 2012

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We have been all over the place this week, so I decided to stay close to home and patronize some local places with the kids this Saturday morning. We met up with my sister Sarah and nephew Payton and went to the new frozen yogurt cafe called Merry Berry. I was actually obsessed with the place before I even stepped foot in the building, and I was not disappointed. The restaurant is clean and the decor is interesting. The owner greeted us a soon as we arrived and showed us how to use the self-serve frozen yogurt bar. It was awesome. The frozen yogurt was really good, and all the toppings made it even more enjoyable. And..wait for it…it is fat-free, which means guilt free. The girls and I all got frozen yogurt, and I had a small coffee (also great) for eight dollars and some change; you cannot beat that. As I was there I was thinking how I could fit a weekly visit (at least) into my schedule. I probably get a little to excited when something new comes to the area, but this is what happens when you are rasing your family in a rural area where you yourself also grew up. Not much has changed, and there is not a whole lot to choose from when it comes to shopping and dinning.

After our frozen yogurt brunch, we headed to the local crafters studio where you can paint your own pottery. Makayla enjoys going there and Harper and Payton had never been. It is fun, although expensive, and certainly a ‘once in a while’ activity. It cost $24 for the girls and I to paint. Makayla painted a polka-dot snail she named Swirly, and Harper ‘painted’ a tile. I also talked to the owner while there about sewing lessons. I have been wanting to learn to sew, and especially to follow a pattern. I am hoping I can convince a friend to do this with me (hint-hint).

All in all, a pleasant Saturday Morning. I am now a frozen-yogurt addict, have a polka-dot snail,  and I supported the local economy. So, who is going to learn to sew with me???