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God is Colorful March 1, 2012

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Lent Day 8

Today’s reflection exercise was to find the color of mercy. I spent quite a bit of time looking through photographs and artwork; but must to my consternation nothing seemed to jump out at me. I should say that I know very little about art, aside from what I learned in one undergraduate course in art history. I do not paint, or take photographs, although I enjoy museums. The very idea that color can represent a characteristic of God was lost on me entirely, until I pulled back and started looking at the sheer vastness of color in the world; and not just the mind-boggling array of magnificent colors we observe in nature, but the amazing tapestry that is mankind in all of it’s multicultural beauty.

We are created in His image, and blessed with a certain amount of creativity, which has resulted in the kaleidoscope of cultures we see throughout history. Our God is the creator of art, of family, of music, of language, and of celebration. He created the very rhythms of the seasons, and the internal seasons of families and individuals. As observers, we then can see glimpses of the characteristics of God in this colorful display of people and places. I can only imagine what God sees from His vantage point; not the messy tension and strife between disconnected and isolated people, but rather each of the unique shades of Himself represented across the globe, in each culture, each place, each ethnicity, and each person.

So I could not find one color that adequately conveyed ‘mercy’ to me, but I did come to the conclusion that God’s character is reflected in all color; and what is the simultaneous presence of all color, but light! The world was created beginning with light, the seven colors of the rainbow spoken by God (Genesis 1:3). Similarly, Jesus is the light of the world (John 8:12), and the white that covers our crimson sin (Isaiah 1:18). For our part, believers are called to be light in a dark world (Matthew 5: 13-16). God is color, God is light, but color is just one reflection of God. He is a God of creativity and detail and His fingerprints are found everywhere, in every person, and everything.

“You are my lamp, O Lord, the Lord turns my darkness into light” 2 Samuel 22:29.

For Tomorrow:

A Picture of Mercy


2 Responses to “God is Colorful”

  1. Pat Aho Says:

    I chose 3 colors – red, white and blue.

  2. I just read your post Pat, I did not know that blue was the color of ministry–interesting.

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