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How to Doctor a Cake Mix February 28, 2012

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I really love to bake a cake, but I would much rather be doing the decorating. It just isn’t right though to pay so much attention to the outside of the cake and ignore the inside. So here is a quick way to doctor a cake mix and make it taste homemade.

1) Start with any yellow cake mix.

2) I always add one more egg than the recipe calls for. Fresh eggs are the best.

( We happen to have backyard chickens and it makes a huge difference. So you will have to go get some baby chicks and wait about 20 weeks for them to start laying. Okay, just kidding, whatever eggs you have will be fine. )

3) Substitute softened butter for whatever amount of oil is called for.

4) Substitute buttermilk for water.

5) Add one packet of either instant pudding or instant jello–this is a way to add a unique flavoring of your choice.

6) Always allow the ingredients to sit out at room temperature before you start cooking, especially the butter and eggs.

7) Make sure to grease your pan with crisco and dust it with flour, plain old spray pam is not going to cut it.

This cake will taste homemade, but is much easier to prepare. Enjoy!



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