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What Would Have Been a Really Great Post February 26, 2012

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Lent Day 5

I had every intention of writing an eloquent and thoughtful post today on the topic of offering Mercy. But, I am sick with a horrendous cold. Here is the thing, I don’t get sick a whole lot, but when I do I am a huge, useless slug. So today I have taken to the couch to wallow in self-pity. I even arranged for someone to cover my sunday school class. I feel miserable. The worst thing about colds is not being able to sleep at night. On any given night I don’t sleep as it is; between toddlers, babies, dogs, husbands, cats, and the occasional chicken someone or something is always disturbing my sleep. Sleep coupled with a cold is even worse. I am tired, congested, achy, and my head is swimming in a cold-medication induced fog. So today I am resting and hoping my husband will take care of me a little. I am dosing myself with vitamin C in hopes to kick this thing by monday, because I have a huge week coming up  with all the first birthday preparations. I was actually thinking last night that I was sick this exact time last year, so maybe this is like some annual tradition for my immune system.

I will still offer mercy today–to anyone who happens to walk by my couch. If you are in need of some mercy, please feel free to stop by. Just bring some chicken noodle soup and hand sanitizer.

I sincerely hope you are having a better morning then me.

For tomorrow:

A Mercy Story


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