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A Lesson on Mercy February 25, 2012

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Lent Day 3

Today I prepared a lesson on mercy for Makayla as a part of our homeschool time. Here is what we did:

Lesson: Jesus and Mercy

Objective: For the child to understand that Jesus teaches us to be merciful.

Materials Needed: fabric, glue, scissors, people cutouts, yarn, dowels, picture bible.

Time: 30 minutes


1) Using our illustrated family bible we read selections from Matthew chapter 4,6, and 7, Luke chapter 6, and also the Beatitudes.

2) We then talked about how Jesus teaches us to treat people including; feeding the hungry, loving people who hurt you, and caring for the poor and needy.

3) Using the cloth scraps, cutouts, and glue we then ‘dressed’ a figure who was in need of clothing.

Real Life Application: After the lesson and craft, we went through some of Makayla and Harper’s clothing and filled a bag which we dropped of at a local charity.

For tomorrow:

Cultivating a Heart for Mercy


2 Responses to “A Lesson on Mercy”

  1. Pat Aho Says:

    Love how you are running with this. May the blessings flow…Pat

  2. Thanks Pat! Maybe this could be the topic for your book–a year of reflection topics for women, I would buy it:)
    I was supposed to sing a song yesterday though–but I was not sure how to translate that to a blog post, so I am changing some of them to fit in here.

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