Acts of Love

On Motivation and Encouragement

Fat Tuesday February 22, 2012

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For the next 48 days I will be preparing my heart and home for Easter Sunday. My teacher and leader at the community bible study I participate in, gave everyone a list of 48 reflection points for each day of the Lenten season. She writes; “This is not meant to be an exercise in perfection, a burden or just one more thing to do. It is to open your heart to gratitude thereby releasing joy.”

Lent is about self-relection and fasting, in order to prepare the soul for the joy of Easter. I will be taking up this tool in order to prepare myself. When we take something up, it is generally a good idea to likewise put something down, for balance. So I will be ‘fasting’ from the morning news.

Wow, I said it, so now I really have to do it…I do love watching the morning news shows, mostly because I am obsessed with pop culture and the goings on of royals and celebrities. But really, lets face it–the kind of news show I am choosing to watch will not been winning any prestigious awards for hard-hitting journalism. Its entertainment at best, and a distraction. So, farewell Robin, George, Laura, and Sam–as of tomorrow I am choosing to spend my mornings in self-reflection rather than self-gratification.

For tomorrow:

Define Mercy


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