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Ladybugs Lesson February 18, 2012

Filed under: Lesson Plans — Acts of Love and Good Works @ 6:42 pm

Big Idea: Ladybugs are good and useful insects that help gardens to grow.

Time: 20-10 minutes

Age: Preschool

Materials Needed: Ladybug book, butcher paper, paint, celery bottom, green marker, glue, and red tissue paper.


1) Read Ladybugs by Cari Meister from the Checkerboard Science and Nature Series, or any other factual book on ladybugs.

2) Using the bottom of a celery stalk, stamp flowers onto butcher paper using multi-colored paint. With a green marker, add greenery to  your garden.

3) Using the tissue paper, make red balls for ladybugs. Attach them to the garden with glue.

4) Review how Ladybugs help gardens to grow by keeping out pests who would eat the plants.


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